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Category: Famous Handicrafts of Jaipur

Buy Best Jaipur Handmade Leather Goods – Famous Jaipur Handicrafts

Jaipur Handicrafts are popular all over the world. The skilled craftsman of Jaipur has used their artistic talents to make these traditional handicrafts. One such thing is Best Jaipur Handmade Leather Goods that you can’t afford to miss. Shopping is the best activity to be indulged in and to buy Famous Jaipur Handicrafts to visit […]

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Jaipur Blue Pottery – Jaipur Handicrafts – Decorative Items

Blue Pottery is broadly perceived as a customary specialty of Jaipur, however, it is Turko-Persian in beginning. The name ‘blue ceramics’ originates from the eye-getting cobalt blue color used to shading the earthenware. Blue pottery of Jaipur, made out of a comparable frit material to Egyptian faience, is coated and low-terminated. Blue Pottery is generally […]

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