Top 3 Places To Visit In Jaipur In 2020 | Tourist Places in Jaipur -Pink City

Also known as “Pink city”, Jaipur is one on the top of list almost every tourists visiting India. It is because of the royalty, heritage and Aura associated with the city. Jaipur is known for its Royal Heritage, forts, and palaces, here are 3 must visit places in Jaipur, that you would like to visit if you are a person who appreciates Beauty, Grace and history.

3 must visit places in jaipur

1. Jal Mahal

One of the most popular and most visited place in Pink City, and all the praise is well deserved by the Palace. The ambience of the whole scenery is something you may not get anywhere else. That’s the reason why this is one of the most favorite place to chill out of Jaipurites.

Why It is Unique:-

a. As the name tells, this is a palace situated between a lake, named man sagar lake.
b. The palace and the lake around it were renovated by maharaja jai singh II of Amer in 1750.
c. The palace is a beautiful blend of Rajput and mughal style of architecture.
d. The palace looks like a piece of jewel in the night that shines in the darkness of night, the look is to die for.
e. The aura of the place is such, that you can watch the palace, lake beautiful birds chirping around, and the overall scenery of the place all day long and still not get tired of it.

3 must visit places in jaipur

2. Amer Fort

The fort declared UNESCO world heritage site in 2013, under a group of 6 hill forts in Rajasthan. It is a raw form of what a royal fort looks like. It is old, It is raw, it is beautiful.

Why It is Unique:-

a. A palace situated in the fort, named seesh mahal, is a palace designed with a lot of mirrors, looks damn attractive.
b. The town Amer, in which the fort is situated is built by mairs and later it is ruled by Raja Man Singh I
c. Raja man singh had 12 queens so he made 12 rooms, a room for each queen, all connected to the room of king.
d. You can get glimpse of old royal rooms, kitchens and halls used by the Families of maharajas.

Amer Fort

3. Bhangarh Fort

One of the most haunted place in India, it is built by bhagwat das for his younger son Madho Singh I in 1631. It is situated in Alwar distict of Rajasthan, Nearly 30 Kms Away from Jaipur. It is always been a center of attraction for tourists and even local people, because of a lot of horror stories.

The Alleged story behind the haunt:-
It is said that there was a magician who fell in love with the princess Ratnavati. He did black magic on the princess, but the magic turned against him, which leads to death, and in his last words, he cursed the fort.

Why It is Unique:-

a. Lot of paranormal activities are observed in the fort.
b. No visit after Sunset, security will not allow you to enter or stay in the fort after 6.00 PM,
c. Alleged story: A group of friends decided to stay after the sunset for fun, but It is said that, they have lost their life there and never returned from the fort.
d. There are many temples near the fort, and the villagers believes that these temples protect them from the “ghost” in the fort.
e. Besides its Horror aspect, the look of the fort is something to look forward to (of course, in the day time).
It looks dusty, old and raw but perfectly designed.

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